Setting-Up Your Homeschool Space

Posted by jamella in Houzerz Life/Inspiring Homes on May 9, 2020

If you’re reading this, then you’d probably be one of the many parents whose mastery in the art of patience, flexibility, and adaptability is being tested because of homeschooling, and the set up’s going to be around for quite some time. With the aim of preventing the spread COVID-19, certain changes had to be made across establishments and institutions, and schools are no exception. 

We all need to continue making major headway as our kids (6.3 million public school students in California alone according to Education Week) transition to this kind of life from now until who-knows-when. To walk you through this challenge, here are a few points you could pick up as you work out or improve your homeschool place:

  1. There is no exact blueprint for a homeschool area.  Keep in mind that the area for homeschooling is different for students of varying ages, preferences and needs. Younger, active students may require a more spacious and visually stimulating area for certain activities. Teens may opt for a simpler, more personal aesthetic than their younger counterparts. Just remember that the main goal is to have a space that stimulates and is conducive for learning. Katie Wells of Wellness Mama considered the diversity of learning methods in setting up her homeschool space. 
  2. Establish a homeschooling spot.  Jennifer Meyers, founder of Homeschool CEO shares that it’s important to have a specific spot for your homeschooling sessions. It may be in the kitchen or living room. You may consider an area where there is enough natural light. You could also consider setting up the place at the porch or the patio. For those with larger spaces, a whole entire room may be dedicated for homeschooling. This room may be divided to different areas for other activities such as reading or arts (drawing, painting, etc.). Keep in mind though, that the area of your choice should be far from distractions, which of course includes the T.V. and the refrigerator.
  3. Get your child the right desk and chair. Your kid’s table should have enough space for the materials your child will be using. Allow them to personalize their table based on their individual taste. This will help them be excited and inspired to start studying. Provide a comfortable and ergonomical chair as they will be sitting in it for a couple of hours. Have one with enough back support and seat cushion. Jessica Dimas, from the blog Pig and Dac, suggests that the desk should be spacious enough for putting some things such as a lamp, but without taking up work space. She even mentions about having one that’s sturdy, and might even have a personal storage space for the kids to use.
  4. Having essential homeschooling supplies can be handy.  Start with the basics first like quality pencils, reliable erasers, sharpeners, a variety of paper, binders, notebooks, basic art supplies, scissors, glue, stapler, ruler. Just add along as the need arises, so as not to end up with materials you wouldn’t be using after all.  Erin Condren, who runs her own company making organizers and stationeries, offers the idea of using wire baskets, paper dividers, and desk organizers to maintain the learning space. She even goes further, suggesting to declutter a little bit every day, so mess won’t pile up on the desk. This leads to the last tip.
  5. An organized workplace is conducive to learning.  There should be a place for everything.  You may need to provide mini-book shelves for books, small plastic drawers, bins or crates, pencil and pen holders, binders or paper files. These must be easily accessible for everyone. Also, since learning online is now part of the process, having a laptop or computer station for them to access their lessons can be handy for you and your kids. Another a good idea to remind your child to clean and put everything back after use, clean-up their desks and push back their chairs.  Allot a couple of minutes for this as part of their study time. 

Homeschooling should be both a fun and dynamic journey for you and your child. You don’t have to dread homeschooling, as there is a silver lining to how this can be managed to work for everyone at home. Just remember that their “learning space” should help minimize their stress in learning, stimulate their focus, and promote their efficiency and productivity.

Got other homeschooling space ideas, or looking for a home that can let you bring that homeschooling idea come to life? Houzerz is more than happy to hear you out and walk with you!

Happy learning!