A positive culture’s one of the most difficult things to nurture in a company. If statistics were to prove it, the Deloitte Global Millennial Survey for 2020stands to be a solid evidence in winning the case. Their study shows that only half of millennials and Gen Z’s (51% total) see businesses as a force for good. That’s coming from an average of 76% just three years ago. Business leaders fare worse, as only a third of both generations see the leaders as having a positive impact on the wider society. If it’s any consolation, though, the same business and government leaders received high marks for their pandemic responses.

But that’s probably not enough.

Since January 21, 2020, when the US reported its first case of COVID-19, thenumbers have crossed 200,000 deaths, and more than 7 million cases across the country and counting. California tops the list of states in terms of number of cases, accounting to more than 10% of the country’s total cases. It would be an understatement to say that everyone was affected one way or another.

Layoffs. Furloughs. Closures. Loss of income. Everyone’s hit hard, some even worse than others. Industries and companies had to ride the waves in the hopes of surviving this onslaught. Unfortunately, some are not as lucky.

This means that companies must quickly adapt to these changes, align their values to all their stakeholders (especially the customers and employees), and live out their values apart from their printed counterparts. In this time of COVID-19, working with and for each other to get back up on our feet as soon as possible is all the more important.

Think about it, a deteriorating perception of companies and industries, plus a pandemic that’s crippling the economy in just a span of months, and we have with us a perfect storm that’s still barreling hard and not relenting any time soon.

Houzerz is no different from the many companies hit by the pandemic. Sure, the real estate market has been bullish over the past months, but as a real estate startup, trying to weather the storm poses its own set of challenges. Stiffer competition, adjustments to a “new normal” way of doing business. The list goes on, and it doesn’t fall short of testing our mettle as a startup company. What we’re not running short of are our people, the Houzerz family. Houzerz is blessed to be filled with passionate people who are more than willing to lend a hand, especially in the toughest of times. It’s the people of Houzerz that helped live outs its values and what the company wants to be known for: a company with a heart.

It doesn’t end there. Houzerz will continue to partner and work with other groups to provide help where it’s most needed.

Why are we sharing this?

Because it’s exactly what Houzerz is about.

We’re not just about earning money in the real estate business for the sake of it. Every single person that’s part of the Houzerz family knows that they are working for a bigger purpose. In fact, it’s something we want to be known for, something that we want to impart and share to many other companies, startups or otherwise. In Houzerz, we know that we work for something more, not just to make sure that we are able to place food on our tables. That is why some of the members of our Houzerz family also go on mission trips, with the goal of bringing that light of hope to others, regardless of our respective backgrounds.

Houzerz is about being an instrument of hope to people and building their dreams. We aim to be an avenue of building communities that help, hope, inspire, and empower people to reach out to others through the company. It’s about building an impact, about leaving an enduring positive legacy for generations to come. It’s about being the avenue by which dreams are built and brought to life. Here in Houzerz, we believe that lasting positive change can be made, not just as an individual, but by coming together as a community, bringing in our small collective efforts. That’s what we long to do: to build communities that can be a force of change and positivity in this seemingly bleak and negative world we live in.

That’s why Houzerz came to life. That’s why we’re around. We want to use the real estate and loans industry as a force of good, as an avenue for lasting, positive change for generations to come.

What excites us the most at Houzerz is when you become part of our journey. Think about it. When you join and work with the Houzerz family, or when you buy a home as one of our well-loved client, you’re not just making your dreams come to life. You are also impacting others to have that fighting chance to make theirs come true as well. The good thing is, it could be anywhere around the world.

Who knows, they just might be right by your neighborhood, and you just might be that person who paves the way for their dreams to come true.

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