Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Posted by jamella in Lifestyle/Tips and Advice on December 29, 2020

“A year like no other.”

This will be on everybody’s thoughts and lips as 2020 finally comes to a close, and here in Houzerz, we’re saying the exact same words right now.

For good or bad, 2020 definitely shaped us, how we do things, and how we see situations. It’s been a tough one, to say the least. We were all thrust into a whirlwind of a challenge and change we never thought would happen. It’s unprecedented, even.

We had to deal with the most obvious of them all, a pandemic that doesn’t seem to be slowing down, even with vaccines starting to become available. Cases here in California continue to go up, so much that we’re forced to celebrate the holiday season in a different way. To say that it hit us hard is even an understatement, with unemployment numbers hitting the roof, and lots of people unable to pay for rent and mortgage loans. Some even forced to ending up on the streets, just because they have nothing left in their hands.

We also saw a lot of political bickering across a number of issues, and we went through a US Elections that seemed to tear apart the very fabric of what it means to be a nation, seen to be the most divisive one to date.

But with all the doom and gloom that seems to be hovering above our heads and pounding hard like a category 5 hurricane, we also want to share glimmers of hope, proving that the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel still holds true, after all.

It’s in these trying moments when we saw the human spirit come together, helping out, trying its hardest to make sure that nobody gets left behind. Our healthcare workers are proofs of this, going over and above their line of duty, risking their very lives, all for the sake of taking care of the infected, trying their hardest to nurse them back to health. Those ordinary people behind the grocery counters, the very people we usually overlook on any normal day, are making sure they’re out there to serve us despite the dangers COVID-19 poses to their health every moment they step out of their homes. Those law enforcers (and I mean the good guys) who work their hardest to ensure that these lockdowns do not lead to anarchy and ruin (we might be over exaggerating, but we’re sure you get the drift).

If anything, 2020 taught us to go back to the simple things, the little things. Going in lockdown made us value the people around us, the people we ought to hold dear. Situations made us learn to value the things that we most often take for granted, the work that we have, the ability to travel from place to place, the moments we get to have with people we hold dear. It made us see our undeniable place in this huge tapestry that is humanity, that though we may just be one fine thread amongst many others, we play a role which cannot be ignored or denied.

As a company, Houzerz worked to navigate through these tricky and unpredictable circumstances we’re facing. With the housing market seemingly becoming the lone star shining amidst the dark sky, we realized how much we could do with our small efforts put together. This pandemic saw us quickly shift to digital approaches in our processes, which perhaps is a blessing in disguise, being a new player in the industry. It also brought out the best in everyone, taking on responsibilities and pitching in to make sure we’re able to get things running as smoothly as possible. Each one of us tried to lift one another up, especially when we seem to be on the verge of cracking from everything that’s happening.

But what we’re thankful for the most is the fact that we grew as a family, both in number and in our values that shape who we are as a company. We’re beginning to really see our potential as a company that’s about building genuine relationships and leaving a positive impact. When we say that we want to bring you home, it couldn’t be any further from the truth. That’s always been our driving force from the time we started about two and a half years ago, and it’s still that same driving force now, only that it resonates with us stronger than ever, given everything that we’re facing. Each member of Houzerz’ family never wavered in making sure that we continue to touch and transform lives by being with you in your home buying journey.

It’s the reason why even with everything that’s going on around us, we choose to be thankful. We’re thankful for the little things that we often take for granted. We’re thankful for the moments of light and love that we get to experience and share with you, both online and off. We’re thankful for the people who’ve become part of our journey, especially this year. Know that you are now a part of our family. We’re thankful to be around, to be a beacon of hope in our own small way. We’re thankful that we continue to bring you home despite the economic uncertainties that seem to put us on edge. We’re thankful that we’re here for you, and we’re thankful because we can continue to do so.

As we close the chapter that is 2020, we look forward to 2021. Some uncertainties remain, but we look ahead, not with rose-colored lenses that seem to blind us to the realities we still have to face, but with genuine hope that we will come out of this unprecedented event stronger than ever. We will make it, and we will definitely make it, not alone, but together.

To our entire Houzerz family, cheers to a brighter and better 2021.

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