Ever thought of what to experience in Colton that differentiates from but connects itself to other parts of the Inland Empire region of the state? Colton offers a different lifestyle vibe because of its small town feel yet having its own thriving community life. It gleams with a less hurried but steady daily grind that embraces diversity but maintains the subtle uniqueness of Colton living. Tucked in the Inland Empire, Colton is accessible to a variety of dining experiences. From authentic Mexican dishes to filling fusion cuisines, Colton is truly best when experienced.


Thrifty Treat at

Tacos Y Mas

Feast on a budget with their specialty tacos and beguiling tortas.  Their wide selection of meats including beef birria, carnitas, chorizo, chicken, al pastor, and some rare meats like buche and cabeza are impressively sumptuous. Generous choices of salsas and garnishes stage a unique experience in every meal. They have curated a hefty menu that meat and spicy food lovers, as well as non-meat eaters and those with low spicy tolerance can binge on for a fair price. Tucked in Vernon Avenue, this authentic taqueria elevates Colton’s Mexican palate experience without hurting the pocket.

instagram | tacosmas.com | (909) 533-4143 | 1290 N Mt Vernon Ave. Colton, CA 92324

Profuse Portions at

P&G Burgers

Its enormous portions of the freshest ingredients make value for money and a content tummy a tandem to beat. Each menu entry complete with a drink, large fries, char-broiled, quarter-pound burgers or steak sandwiches and pastrami allots sharing for two persons. Moist and tender chicken fingers, delish breakfast burritos, savory steak and eggs, variety of salads, and indulgent desserts are some of the menu add-ons to choose from apart from their signature bounty burgers.  Whether it be breakfast, lunch, brunch, snack, or a dinner dine, this Mexican American fastfood fusion place in Valley Boulevard is definitely a must-try.

instagram | pandgburgers.com | (909) 824-9630 | 190 W. Valley Blvd. Colton, Ca. 92324

Delectable Dining at

Le Rendez-Vous Cafe

Both bon vivants and budget foodies are in for exquisite gastronomic luck when they visit this French/Creole café at Valley Boulevard. Spend within your limit for American classics fused with French overtones. Extensive and detailed array of menu options covers any time of the day dining. From engaging appetizers and soups, gourmet sandwiches, distinctive chef’s specialty courses to delectable desserts, every craving is satisfied. They even have a Kid’s Menu for our young hearty eaters. Vegetarian, gluten-free, and paleo options are also available. Set in casual comfort ambiance to match its detailed epicurean dishes, hop over and load up at Le Rendez-Vous Café.

instagram | (909) 424-0355 | 201 E. Valley blvd. Colton, CA 92324

Scrumptious Satisfaction at

Sushi Miguel’s Style

Something’s sassy and zesty at Sushi Miguel’s Style at Valley Boulevard. Take your pick from its array of saporous sushi choices, which include hand rolls and mas sushi rolls. Dig in deeper with their tangy noodle servings, or fuel up with their rice bowls and sushi bowls. Sushi night outs and family lunch dates can never be underrated here. Savor an authentic yet unique Japanese jive as the dishes are infused with a Mexican tang.  Their signature Miguel’s Southern California burrito is just one among their carefully fashioned fusion dishes that is one for the books. Dine in for top quality’s worth for your money.

facebook | instagram | (909) 777-0012 | 291 east valley Blvd , Colton CA 92324

Better Breakfast at

House of Eggs

Their delectable but uniquely distinct ways of serving up eggs has gathered devoted customers who also rave about their burrito variants, salad selections, gourmet sandwiches, and gratifying meal combinations. Every omelette is presented in a dainty crescent shape, packed with ingredients ranging in tender meats, different cheeses and spices, and served with a choice of country house potatoes or hash browns, or seasonal fruit.  Such budget-friendly gastronomic delight really makes better breakfast meals. Vegetable intensive dishes as a healthy option and moderate portioned meals for kids are also available. Experience a hearty and hefty meal at the House of Eggs at Valley Boulevard.

(909) 777-0127 | 182 E Valley Blvd. Colton, California 92324

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