As the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches the country, having a Happy Thanksgiving is on everyone’s mind in SoCal. While you may want to embrace the Holiday as you have in the past, there are a few guidelines and safety tips to keep in mind so that your holiday is also a safe Thanksgiving.


Know The Guidelines

The CDC has made recommendations this Thanksgiving so that the spread of COVID-19 is minimized. After all, getting back to normal in 2021 can only happen if we take the necessary precautions now in 2020. While there is not a published number of maximum attendees in the home, it is recommended to be cautious during this time and reduce the amount of travel into public areas.


California’s State Response

Since SoCal and many counties in California have experienced a spike in COVID-19 in the last few weeks, a new limited stay-at-home-order is in place through the Thanksgiving holiday, between the hours of 10 pm and 5 pm. The state of California is also requesting that no more than three households should be present for Thanksgiving as a way to reduce the spread of the virus.


Move To Alternative Options For Thanksgiving

While this holiday is usually one of the larger ones for family gatherings, reunions, and houses full of food and family, you can use the following tips to stay safe in SoCal while enjoying Thanksgiving this year.


1. Take Advantage of Video Chatting

If you have family across the country and traveling is not ideal, enjoy your loved ones through one of the different video chat options on your smartphone. Some of the apps, like Zoom, allow multiple family members to sign in and you can enjoy conversations with each other as though you were there.


2. Meet On Different Days

With the recommendation of no more than three households present in one residence, consider breaking up Thanksgiving over a couple of days so that you can safely visit with your family and practice social distancing. This is ideal for large families who are all living in the SoCal area and living within driving distance of each other.


3. Choose Delivery

If you are usually the central cook for your family during the holidays, choosing delivery this year may be the way to go. Since you are not all able to meet and gather like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, have Thanksgiving delivered to your loved ones from a local restaurant. With delivery, you know they are getting the meal they need and it is prepared safely.


4. Host Outdoor Events

With the nice weather in SoCal during this time of year, hosting your event outside of your home will give you and your guests more room to spread out. Not only is this safer for the spread of the virus, but the additional Vitamin D on Thanksgiving is a real bonus.


Enjoy Your Thanksgiving

After everything that 2020 has brought to SoCal and the rest of the country, it is best to not only have a safe Thanksgiving but also enjoy this time together, whether you are together physically or virtually.

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