How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell for Top Dollars

Posted by jamella in Market Trends/Tips and Advice on June 27, 2020

As the housing market is starting to pick up, homebuyers are looking to sell their home in Ontario for the next couple of years. They are also looking to add value to their properties until the market gets better. Well, it’s a smart decision to put your house on sale with the hopes of getting a good return on investment. You can make a plethora of home renovations to make your living space more comfortable while increasing its value at the time of selling.

However, not all home renovation ideas add value to your home, especially when the market is on a downturn. Sometimes, the renovations you make can detract from the asking price. It’s important to know how to get your home ready to sell for top dollars. Below are some cost effective ways to get your home prepared while also improving your quality of life.

  • Kitchen Renovations: Kitchens can be considered as the heart of your home, and opting for kitchen remodeling can really be worth your investment. After getting kitchen renovations done, homeowners can expect to recoup upto 120% of their investment. You can replace your kitchen appliances, countertops, and cabinets to enhance the appearance of your kitchen that grab the attention of potential buyers. You could also go through our 10 home renovation ideas that add value to your home
  • Bathroom Addition: When it comes to adding a new bathroom in your small home, you can look for any underutilized space. Adding one more bathroom to your living space could help you recoup a large amount of your investment. You can add a new stand-up shower, a bathtub, closet space, or even change the tiles. The cost of bathroom renovations depends on the type or size of home renovations you make.
  • Declutter: The most important thing to get your home ready for sale is to declutter. You should make sure that there are no such things in the room that can make your room look messy. After decluttering, you can focus on window treatments, end tables, chairs and couches, and other home decorations.
  • A Fresh Layer of Paint: A fresh layer of paint in your master bedroom, kitchen and other areas can make your home look clean and attractive. Freshly painted walls can once again look new and vibrant; you can choose neutral colors to enhance the appearance.
  • Focus on the Curb Appeal: Apart from home interior, you should also focus on the curb appeal and for that, you mustn’t forget the exterior. You can give your home a power wash, get fresh mulch, and maintain your landscaping.

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