Decorating Safely For Fall

Posted by jamella in Houzerz Life/Inspiring Homes on October 17, 2020

As the cooler fall weather approaches and the holidays get closer, so does the time to bring out those awesome holiday decorations. Lights, scarecrows, pumpkins, and other decor brighten up homes both inside and out in Southern California during this time. Being a first-time homeowner, it is a great experience to make your home your own and start expanding upon your seasonal decoration. Before you start your fall decorating, make sure to follow the following tips for your safety and health when decorating. 

Be Aware of What’s Happening in California

Before you go out venturing for new fall decorations, it is important to remember that the pandemic is still ongoing and new cases are being added daily. Limiting your access with the public and practicing social distancing may mean that you do a lot of your decoration shopping online and have them shipped to your new home. When you shop online, just pay close attention to the sizes and pictures displayed around your decorations so you know how big or small they may be. During the fall months, California has a history of falling victim to wildfires all across the state, including Southern California. Before you make travel plans, be sure to keep this in mind. 

Practice Safe Habits While Decorating

Some of the items that you purchased for decorating will need to be hung, or be large and difficult to manage. There are safe ways to get these nice items up and have your home decorated to your satisfaction. 

1. Have a Helper

If you are planning to apply grand decorations to your new Southern California home, you need someone there to help you with carrying the heavier items and spotting you if you need to climb. Attempting to hang and apply decorations to high areas is safer with someone to assist with the weight and provide that extra hand. 

2. Use Ladders

If you need to climb on the roof of your porch to hang lights and other decorations, make sure that you are using a ladder that is sturdy and can reach the designated areas. You do not need to attempt to hang your decorations without proper support when climbing. 

3. Use Weather Proof Extension Cords

If you are planning to have lights and animated decorations on your front lawn or on your porch, you should have them hooked to weatherproof extension cords. These cords safely supply power to these decorations, keeping your SoCal home festive and safe during the fall season. 

4. Choose Battery Powered Options Inside

In order to bring the fragrance of fall to Southern California, many new homeowners like to purchase candles full of spice and fall scents. Protect the safety of your home with battery-powered candles and scent releases. They do not subject your home to any potential fire hazard like traditional candles. Any decoration that is either inside or on the exterior of your home that has a battery-powered alternative is always a safer option. Minimal cords reduce the risk of falling or overpowering an outlet in your home. 

5. Secure Heavy Decorations

While beautiful and festive, some of your fall decorations could get a little heavy with pumpkins weighing them down. If you plan to stand or hang a decoration that is heavy, make sure that it is secured safely to the house or supported with additional weight. Without proper weight management, these decorations could fall and hurt someone next to or beneath these decorations. 

Get Your New SoCal Home Ready For Fall

Recent homebuyers in the Southern California area are starting to prepare their new homes for the fall season. Do not let the season pass you by this year. If you are in search of a new home in Southern California, our team at Houzerz are ready to help you find the perfect home that you can decorate and call your own for years to come. Contact us today for more information.