This unexpected move to a remote work arrangement has made group call meetings while in pajamas and answering emails on the couch a part of the new normal. However, having to share the space with your kids as you work, or giving your colleagues a glimpse of that cluttered home has also made remote working quite an experience for everyone. This is probably adding to the lack of drive, or the need to fight the urge to slack off, or to lose focus with the thousands of possible distractions seemingly screaming for attention. 

We get it. We all need that space to help us focus on the tasks at hand. That need for a functional, stress-relieving, and inspiring remote workspace made us look at some interior design ideas that could come in handy for you.

Find a dedicated space

Having a dedicated space helps you shift your focus from one task to the next. Multitasking can be drowning, especially when you’re working from home. Designating a space where you can regularly do remote work helps to provide perspective. It sets the tone and rhythm for working and prompts better preparations, such as personalizing your workspace.

Amplify space and natural light in your home workspace 

justina blakeney design home workspace
Justina Blakeney design home workspace

Productivity makes us feel good. Incorporating practical yet creative design into our workspaces can encourage us to work better. “Good design increases the quality of life,” shares designer and entrepreneur Justina Blakeney of Jungalow (a Bohemian-inspired home décor one-stop-shop). When Blakeney transformed her garage into her remote workspace, she placed a mirror in front of the glass door to let in more natural light. Studies have proven time and again that concentration and mental alertness improve with natural light. Tamara Eaton of Tamara Eaton Designs recommends setting up a home workspace near a window. “Good light is key, and being next to a window made me feel like I was part of the world and not too snuggly,” she says. Mirrors expand the visual reach of limited space, and natural light improves concentration.

Jazz up your storage spaces

Robin Baron’s design home workspace

Papers, journals, and sticky notes can pile up sooner than you know it. Robin Baron’s limited space did not stop her from allotting a spot in her kitchen as her working space. She infused drawers that created a clean vintage look. Lauren Clement of Lauren Nicole Designs suggests the use of lovely baskets, bins, or file holders near one’s desk to help keep paperwork nice and tidy.

Add a little extra to the space

A wallpaper, a photo, or a green plant can help to add a breath of fresh air around your remote workspace. Aside from making sure that work files are in place, a touch of nature, art, color, or memory can create comfort in a busy workspace. Marika Meyer suggests the practical means of adding a peel and stick wallpaper design and varying one’s desk lamp to create variety.

Scents and sounds

Enrich your senses through music and essential oils. Diffuse essential oils that can boost the mood that you need. Tune in to your favorite song to break the monotony. Rosemary, cypress, and lemon are some of the essential oils that increase alertness. Classical music soothes nerves and improves memory processes. Trust your senses and let it lead you to what scent and music motivates you.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to come up with a workspace that will improve your focus and productivity. Tap into your artistic side and spice up your remote workspace. What matters is that your workspace helps to keep you inspired and lets you bring out your A-game. 

Got more work-from-home ideas to share with us at Houzerz? We’ll be glad to hear from you!

Be inspired, and stay productive.

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