Although the COVID-19 pandemic slowed the pace of the usually active summer homebuying season, the fall season is still in the game for homebuyers. As the leaves start to change and the temperature drops, just throw on a sweater and keep moving forward in the search for your new home with these tips to make fall homebuying possible.

1. Take Advantage of the School Year Starting

With a new academic year just beginning, some of the homebuying competition has slimmed down, thanks to this. Families with school aged children do not move as much during the school year to prevent disruption for their children. A thinner market means less competition, giving you a chance to look at the different homes and neighborhoods with homes that are currently listed. 

2. Fall Listings are Related to Spring Listings

In many cases, homes that are still listed in the fall were also listed earlier in the calendar year. If you find a home that you like, but need some room for negotiation, find out why the home has been listed for so long. If there are no major concerns, you have bargaining power when it comes to signing for your home.

3. Reduce Your Needs List if Necessary

While the competition is thinner, so are the housing options. This means that some of the must-haves on your home list may not be available. As the homebuyer, you will need to determine what is truly essential in a home and what is a want that can be added or renovated at a later time if necessary. For example, certain appliances being included in your home or a fenced-in yard may not be available later in the year. 

4. Plan to Negotiate

If the seller of the home is in a hurry to make a sale, then the power of negotiation is on your side. In many cases, these sellers are moving due to job requirements and need to make a quick sale this late in the year. You have the ability to get a great price on your home with fewer buyers coming around and showing interest in the property. Any time a home has sat on the market for a month or longer, homebuyers have some negotiating room adjust the current price listing.

5. Embrace the Season

When you visit a home in the fall, you are getting a real, around the calendar look at the home. When it was listed in the summer months with bright and vibrant pictures, you can see how the home looks and feels when the weather starts to change. Get a visual of the privacy between your home and the neighbors. Inspect how different systems in the home work and make sure they are still holding up in operational order, even as the winter months start to cool. 

Also, make sure to pack layers of clothes when you are out visiting these homes. They could be much cooler or warmer inside. Also, areas on the ground could be wet from the rain, so you need to make sure that you are stepping carefully around these properties. 

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