Now that you have purchased your new home just as the fall weather starts to embrace Southern California, one of the first projects on the agenda is getting your backyard nook set up. With temperatures dropping slightly in the evening air and fall days spent outdoors, your backyard will be your favorite place to enjoy the fall season. Below are a few tips to get your backyard nook cozy and comfortable this fall season. 

1. Find The Perfect Spot

If your SoCal home does not have a patio area established, you are at liberty to set up your backyard nook wherever you like. Even if there is a patio area in your backyard, you may want to have your nook in another part of the yard. It is critical that you feel comfortable in your space. Choose an area beneath the trees or along the fence line away from the hustle and bustle inside your home. Others choose a place that is just off of the home if that is more comfortable.

2. Cover Your Area

If a porch awning or shade does not cover the space you have chosen for your patio from trees, you will want to invest.

These cover options that make your backyard nook its own space separate from your home and other areas in your backyard. The Pergola is a semi-covering that blocks your backyard nook from the heat of the SoCal sun during the day. They also give you some shelter from light rain during a fall evening.

The Gazebo takes your backyard nook another step forward by offering a covering and walls for privacy. Escaping into your backyard nook with a good book and a little bit of privacy is best achieved with a gazebo, especially if your neighborhood is more open to your neighbors. 

If you want a nook to come right off of your home, tucked away in a quiet corner, you can add a patio awning attached to the side of the house and come off wherever you choose. No matter which of these coverings you choose, you are looking for shade and some level of privacy in your space. 

3. Seating & Furniture

One of the most important parts of your backyard nook is your seating area. You want your nook to be comfortable and relaxing. Fortunately, there is a variety of seating options for this area. You can choose from benches, patio couches, or chairs that are oversized and perfect for those afternoon fall naps. 

You want your seating to be comfortable, so opt against those flimsy and thin seating options advertised at low prices. You will get exactly what you pay for with those seats. Choose enough seats to fit you and the rest of the family if you so choose. You can limit the seating to two if you want so that you can have that space quietly as your personal getaway. No matter how many seats you want, make sure that they have ample cushion, and are comfortable. Many of your SoCal neighbors enjoy their backyard nooks for a couple of hours at a time, and you will want to as well. 

4. Lighting

Since the fall days mean earlier evenings,  you want to have adequate lighting in your backyard nook so that you can enjoy your time even after the moon rises. Choose outdoor lighting that is durable against rain and wind. You can have as much or as little lighting as you want. With string lighting, you can place lights around your backyard nook, lighting up the entire space so that you can get back to your latest book after dinner. If you have a solid cover over your nook, you can opt for an outdoor ceiling fan. This will keep the air circulating and provide additional light as needed.

The Choices Are Yours

When you decide to take on your backyard nook, the final product needs to be comfortable and fit every check on your nook list. While there are numerous styles and themes to choose from, you must pick designs that will not break the bank and keep you comfortable in your oasis. As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers on, you need an area that is comfortable and ideal for spending some of the time you would have been spending in public. After tackling homebuying in the fall, a nice place to relax is essential. 

If you are looking to purchase a home in the Southern California area, our team at Houzerz is ready to take your call. We are happy to visit available locations and help you get the home of your dreams. Make that phone call today at (909) 734-1745 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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