Now that we’re back on daylight saving the evenings are long and light. Southern California is the perfect place to take advantage of indoor-outdoor living as Spring turn to Summer and we enjoy those long, lazy afternoons and evenings at home with friends and family.

Orange County and surrounds are well-known for a family-oriented lifestyle and the homes in this area offer the perfect SoCal lifestyle. Many homes in this area boast atriums, courtyards, outdoor dining areas that flow right into the interior rooms. These outdoor living areas are flooded with natural light, which has been proven to have a beneficial effect on our wellbeing.

Imagine starting your day stepping out of your bedroom onto a terrace with your first cup of coffee, knowing that you’ll be back later to enjoy the late sunshine dining with friends around the fire pit at the pool.

An outdoor room, whether it’s a terrace of a courtyard, needs a different approach to furnishings and décor. Keep the color on the walls light and neutral and provide lots of natural material to soften the hard surfaces.  Tall plants like bamboo and grasses will provide structure and interest with color, reflection, and shadow. You might consider adding a piece of art or sculpture to provide a focal point – just make sure that it can withstand being outside.

Studio glass art sculpture by  Marlene Rose

Image credit: Marlene Rose Gallery

Your choice of flooring material is important because it can create a flow between the inside and outdoor spaces. The current trend for wood flooring on interior floors could be paired with a similar tone of wood on cladding, planters or furniture to make a visual link.

If this is the life you’ve been dreaming of, it’s not out of reach.  There are many hidden gems in Southern California where homes like this are still affordable. We can help you find the perfect home and make your Southern California dream come true.

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