How many days does it take for stuff to pile up in your home? If you can’t keep count of it, you can relate to us when we say, mess is stress. Looking back when you were house hunting, storage spaces may not have been a significant consideration. By now, you will agree that an efficient home storage solution helps in minimizing clutter (and in having a good night’s sleep). It’s not surprising that home buyers today look for well-defined storage spaces.  It’s never too late to start; there may be areas in our home waiting to be transformed into storage solution spaces. Before putting on that DIY hat, here are three things to consider when planning for solutions to your home storage problems. 

Categorize Stuff into For Give Away, Store for Future use, or Frequently Used

Liza Zaslow of Gotham Organizers shares her favorite Girl Scout Member life lesson – “Leave every place better than you found it.”   Waking up to a better version of our respective homes with minimized clutter is a motivating thought. Making a quick diagnosis of the mess that you want to resolve will guide a planned decluttering project. Or if you’re moving in, identifying what sorts of stuff you will be bringing in with you will prevent clutter build up. Nice to have but not useful, essential but not regularly used, or things for daily use are most likely your stuff’s group identity. Categorizing into three groups will give you a basis for how much storage you need to have and where it’s best to set them up. 

Create Storage Solutions in “Prime Real Estate” Areas in Your Home

Space in between your knees and shoulders is called your “prime real estate.” This space is the easiest place to reach. Liza Zaslow coined this term as she reminds us to keep the most frequently used items in zones matching your prime real estate. Look at this furniture piece by UK-based Dormy House. It has open shelves for things that need to be accessed often, and an option to create closed shelving spaces at the bottom for things that need safekeeping. The flexible use of this shelf is something to fall in love with. It can be a living room piece or an entertainment room’s holding area for multimedia appliances. Or would you like this on your work from home workspace wherein you can position your laptop, printer, and documents too?

The Dormy House Design
The Dormy House Design

Tap into Your Home’s Secret Storage Spaces

Instead of buying additional furniture like shelves and cabinets, why not create your own storage spaces. You might not have noticed it, but there are hidden storage solutions in those empty walls and eaves and even under your bed. Blogger Corey Decker features a DIY under the bed storage that does not need too much work. She suggests working at your existing bed and incorporating ways to set-up compartments under it. Look at how she elevated an existing bed and concealed those storage spaces.

Cory Decker Design

Design and execution made by Ben Pentreath’s architectural and design team are a sight to behold and actually easy to do as well. Look at how they have transformed empty walls into bookshelves 

Ben Pentreath Design

Check out and be awed by Case Design and Remodeling Inc.’s realistic but innovative multifunctional remodeling. Their creative resourcefulness is an excellent DIY inspiration.

Case Design and Remodelling Inc.’s Design

Things will fall into its intended place. And that includes every stuff that you have. A planned but innovative DIY strategy can do wonders for your home. Let us know what home storage solutions you would like to see in your home. Here at HOUZERZ, we always look forward to sharing with you options that can enrich your home experience.

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