Do we need to spend a lot to have a merry Christmas Eve? While parties and gatherings highlight Christmas Eve, how to keep guests entertained without overspending is a major consideration. We’ve picked out five cheap activities to do on Christmas Eve that will keep family and friends interacting with each other and on to some chillin’ fun.

Warm-Up at the Hot Cocoa Bar

Hot cocoa drink sparks joy. Why not reserve a space for an enchanting hot cocoa bar? Be flexible depending on your space, what are readily available from your stash, and other cheap add-ins that appeal to your guests’ cravings. Assemble these on a crate and include in your side buffet table bar. You may opt to set-up a small nook at your kitchen counter or a side rack at the dining table. Tap into some Christmas theme vibes when deciding for cheap ingredients to include. Add chocolate chips and nuts too. Make the cream and specialty sauces, like caramel or strawberry sauces available for some finishing touch. Get some peppermint-flavored candy canes as stirrers to spice it up. Let your guests take their pick, mix, and drink up. Watch a Christmas movie together, gather the kids for some story-telling time, or play Christmas-themed games while enjoying one’s hot cocoa drink.

Get Hands Busy with a Christmas Cookie Competition

Think of unique games that will let your guests interact while munching on cookies. Let each family or guest bring a pack of his favorite cookie. Assemble on the dining area, and let each guest try all of the cookies. Have them choose and rank their top three favorite variants. Tally and declare whose cookies were rated the highest. Winner takes home all the cookies brought. If you or your guests love to bake, a cookie design challenge might be the highlight of the night.

Launch a Christmas-themed Treasure Hunt

Keep everybody up all night by giving them a list of Christmas things to look around your home. “Find Santa’s Friends” can be appealing to the younger ones as they outlast each other in searching for the most number of elves hidden around the house. Adult guests would love a more challenging treasure hunt by having to answer riddles that will reveal what to look for and where to search for them.

Play the Night Away

Put out those board games or create Christmas-themed games. While monopoly and scrabble are timeless board games for any occasion, you can infuse Holiday theme into the games. Group families into teams, who will race against each other during Holiday-themed charades. Use Christmas songs and Christmas characters as categories for Pictionary and other group games, Be on the lookout for Christmas-themed board games if you want to add variety to the game choices.

Cap off the Night with an Honoring Trivia Game

Express appreciation for each other through a quirky game. Write each guest’s name on a small piece of paper. Put everything inside a lottery container where each person can pick one. Give 2 minutes for everyone to think of an unforgettable memory with and a trivia about the person he picked. Guests take turns in saying their piece, while the rest attempts to guess who is the person described. This activity can be a heartwarming and thrilling way to let each other know that each one is appreciated.Having fun does not have to expensive. Gathering family and friends on Christmas Eve goes beyond sumptuous foods and fancy gifts that eat up the budget. Planning Christmas Eve activities that will deepen the bond among family and friends are cheaper at the same time merrier.

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