Don’t you just love the warmth of the soft sun on your cheeks after being curled up indoors?

We all love to stay healthy and in high spirits, but avoiding sickness and brushing off dreary moods at home can be a challenge. However, the quality and amount of natural light that embraces a home definitely provides the uplifting warmth and the well-being boost that we need. Natural light gives homes the radiance that no other artificial light can give. It also lowers your electricity bill. That’s why we love home interiors that bask with natural light. Unfortunately, not all homes are built with natural light in mind. If you’re finding ways on how to enhance the natural light that comes into your home, here are three tips that you can start with.

Trace your home’s natural light path

If some minor (or major) home renovations are on your list, it would be best to have a closer sense of your home’s natural light sources. Which areas receive more natural light, and which ones need more? What time of the day is my home more soaked with natural light? A room to room assessment might just be your first best step to a well-lit home. A repainting, a reorganization, a cleanup, or a within-budget makeover to enhance natural light into your home will be better planned out and executed. 

Let windows radiate receptivity 

They say that windows are a home’s smile. Smiles radiate openness and reception. When you look at your windows, does it make you feel welcome or shut out?  You can work on that by removing furniture pieces and decluttering shelves that are adjacent to the window area.  Some window washing can freshen it up, too. Make way for the sun and let natural light settle into your home. This will revive the home’s ambience and give more breathing spaces for light to flow through. Check what’s right outside your window as well. Trim down tree branches that obscure the view and the passage of daylight.  

When acclaimed New York designer Vicente Wolf was asked about what interior design moves him the most, “designing spaces with wonderful natural lighting” was his candid response.  Look at how he and his team of interior designers purposely free up a home’s space near the windows. Don’t you just want to stay more in that space and soak in a clean yet vibrant feel?

Vicente Wolf Design

Work with Whites

Remember what our elementary art teacher taught us about dark shades absorbing light while the lighter shades bounce light? The same goes for any home’s wallpaper. Wall colors significantly impact the brightness or darkness of a room. If you want to get your hands on that paintbrush, grab lighter shades to repaint your walls. It doesn’t have to be a total makeover, though. Keep in mind to move to an overall lighter shade. Working with whites is the way to go. If warmer colors are your preference, you can still infuse dark color schemes with it. Paints with a shinier finish will keep things bright. Interior designers recommend keeping the ceiling white, tan or another neutral color as this is the best way to reflect light within a space. Rebecca of Sea Interior Design shares how anyone can work with whites while infusing some warmer colors but stick to the goal of letting more natural light into your home. White is more than just a neutral, white décor that adds light and brightens up any room in your house”, she says.

Rebecca of Sea Interior Design

When the sun freely flows through your home, it not only enhances the overall interiors. It also sustains you and your family’s physical and overall well-being while lowering energy consumption. Letting more daylight into your home need not be a total home makeover. Work your way up from your home’s current needs. You will surely find out that your home has hidden potential waiting to be put out into the light.

Tell us more about your plans for your home, and HOUZERZ can assist you with options on how to go about it.

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