What changes would you like to see in your home? Aside from letting in more natural light and colorizing your home, is having the right mix of home furniture on your wishlist, too? A beautiful and functional home makes us thrive.  However, achieving it is not an overnight project.  There’s a lot of inspiration we can get from Pinterest and Instagram, but adapting these in our own homes sometimes turns inspiration into confusion. Whether you’ve just relocated, have just bought a new home, or onto reorganizing your current home’s interior, there is no single formula in choosing home furniture that works.  We say this because we believe that your home is your nest, and only you know what is best for your home.  So we’ve handpicked three surefire tips that will get you through choosing furniture for your home.

Identify Your and Your Family’s Needs

Will you be using your dining room as a make-shift homeschool area? Do you need a workspace in the living room? Will separate single beds work, or a pull out bed work better for the children’s room? Aiming to address identified needs will slim down your furniture choices to only the essential pieces. Choosing furniture for your home that is practical and elegant at the same time is a steal. Lifestyle blogger and DIY enthusiast Erin Francois shares how she and her husband gradually renovated their old home. Look at how they purposely chose a versatile wooden table that complemented the storage cabinets by the stairs.  Now that’s a blend of functionality and style, right?

Design by Erin Francois

Let a Theme Guide You When Choosing Furniture for Your Home

While having useful furniture is essential, don’t forget aesthetics, too. A home with practical furniture that also exudes a pleasant sight turns comfort into inspiration. A tastefully chosen theme can achieve balance. Do you prefer shabby chic’s contemporary antique ambience over an industrial interior’s matured rustic feels? Or would you instead go with minimalist’s decluttered effect over an active vibe of a Bohemian-inspired interior? Remember that these themes are just parameters within which choosing furniture for your home will rely on. Remember that this only comes next after you have identified your and your family’s needs. Look at how LA California-based interior designer Lauren Soloff staged an unhampered but welcoming ambience that a connecting hallway seeks to exude through a subtle Bohemian-inspired touch. A wooden console table is given character through some handmade pieces. “Finding woven items of natural fibers, like an oversize basket or something handmade always adds a bohemian touch. One trick is not to overuse them”, Soloff shared. Choosing furniture for your home need not be stiff. Let the needs that you’ve identified dance to your chosen theme’s beat.

Design by Lauren Soloff

Work Within Existing Furniture Pieces 

Buying new furniture is not your only option. For as long as you keep in mind the purpose of each room in your home plus the theme that resonates with you, it would be easy to identify which of your existing pieces will have to go and which ones will stay. Concepts and execution of Lynne Lambourne, who describes herself as an interior addict and a waste warrior is a game-changer. She upscales old furniture while being grounded to a chosen interior design that speaks of functionality, orderliness, and beauty. Below is a photo of an upscaling project that Lynne did with a world-leading expert in decorative paint and color, Annie Sloan.  Why not take a look at your existing pieces first and check if these can fit into your home area’s particular purpose. Upscaling them may even turn old furniture into an anchoring piece that will be the focal accent in your home.

Design by Lynn Lambourne

You will always be your home’s best designer. Get into the heart of your home by identifying the needs of the people living in it and rethink how your existing interior pieces resonate with it. Work through it, and spice it up by choosing a theme that will keep life blossoming inside your home. Planning what to do with your existing ones and selecting furniture pieces that are functional, practical, and beautiful will follow. Tell us about how you want your current home to adapt to your family’s needs and we’ll help you plot your options. HOUZERZ will be more than glad to sit down with you.

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