Are you planning to buy your dream home? Great! Well, you might have come across the term “property mortgage” so many times while checking your loan application form. Do you know what it means? Simply put, it’s a kind of security. When you get financing from the bank or any financial institution, collaterals are offered.

What is property mortgage?

A property loan that is associated with the security of your real estate is known as mortgage-backed loan. There are many types of property loans that may be approved, and home loan is one of them. In other words, property mortgage refers to the security interest that is generated for any sort of immovable property.

Who can apply for a property mortgage loan?

There are a variety of mortgage loans available depending on the borrower’s profile. When it comes to availing a home loan in Ontario, the mortgage is commonly created based on the piece of land or property. Also, when an commercial entity opts for a mortgage loan, it is created on commercial spaces such as flats.

However, the lender needs to pay close attention to the detail over the loan repayment schedule which is decided by the bank and even the foreclosure changes that are usually levied by the bank especially in case of early loan repayment.

What type of documentation needs to be completed for opting for a property mortgage loan?

The application process for a percentage mortgage loan is quite smooth and hassle-free as compared to the commercial loan. The lender has to provide the proof of identity, address and proof of income, proof of ownership, etc. that need to be filed about the property to be mortgaged. In some cases, banks conduct a property valuation for the home that will be mortgaged.

Before you start your house hunting, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Are you ready to buy a home?

It is important to know your purpose before investing in a property. Whether you’re existing home does not meet your lifestyle anymore or you’re planning on buying a home in Ontario, make sure you know your financials as well as mortgage rates. If you want to add value to your home, you can also read our previous blog, 10 home renovation ideas that add value to your home.

How you will afford your new home?

For many of us, a home is one of the biggest investments and it may require a loan- a property mortgagee. If you are going to pay for your first home, then you will be required to have good credits as well as enough cash for a down payment.

How much cost you can afford?

Moreover, it’s important to know the total cost you can afford by considering your annular household income, estimated down payment, loan term as well as credit score.

Also, you can opt for real estate consultation from a mortgage broker in CA to get proper guidance on making a profitable real estate deal. You can check out tips on how to make smart real estate investments is Southern California.

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