The threat of coronavirus has pushed most of us to stay home. Work from home arrangements have become the new normal, and it has not been a smooth shift for anyone used to the daily hustle. Until when work from home will last remain as unpredictable as the trend of coronavirus cases. However, you can make each day something to look forward to by setting up concrete ways that will make your work from home surroundings a pleasant environment.

Spice up your Workspace

Ample air circulation and sunlight on your workspace are your main ingredients. Designate a desk that will serve as your workspace. It may be a corner in your living room or nearby the door accessing the backyard. Position your chair such that there will be less distraction but will let you stare into a farther space during a quick break. Add an indoor plant by your side for that splash of green, and natural air filter. Gardening experts and even NASA consistently affirms that indoor plants increase oxygen inside the house and naturally cleanses the air.  

Thrive in a Work from Home Routine

Extended sleep and unlimited visits to the fridge are some of the pros of staying home. Enticing but might lead to unproductivity, which is the last thing that we want while working from home indefinitely. Wiggle into a daily routine that covers not just work from home duties. Include prayer and meditation, video calls with loved ones, housekeeping, physical exercise, and hobby time like gardening. Having weekly and daily targets can also make you adjust productively, at the same time, be a-okay when things return to its regular flow. 

Keep your physical activity in check.

A sedentary lifestyle is never beneficial. We all want to stay healthy and beat COVID-19. Even though a work from home environment limits our activity, it does not mean that we succumb to limited movement. Take breaks in between your routine to shake off some lazy dust. Get into a daily exercise routine of your choice. Get those sneakers on and stream online videos on yoga, zumba, or any other physical activity of your choice. 

Finding our way through COVID-19’s unpredictability is a challenge. However, focusing on what we can control reduces the stress and anxiety that goes with working from home indefinitely. Our home can be a place of productivity. When this is over, we can just smile in awe and say, “I was happily working from home during a time of uncertainty.”

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