Do you remember the soothing effect of green hues in your sister’s living room and the vibrant ambiance that welcomed you at your friend’s yellow-themed veranda? The tasteful fusion of carefully chosen furniture and a color scheme created the character that turned the house into a home. So if you’ve been planning to revive your home’s look, this may be an excellent time to jazz it up.  Before you give it a go, check out these three essential tips that will let you enjoy and maximize the benefits of adding color to your home. 

Colorize With a Purpose

Pause first to list your goals for your home’s colorizing project. Are you planning to sell your home and would like its color to be as flexible as possible? Do you want your home to be more vibrant, less upbeat, or lean more towards minimalist hues? Being clear with your purpose will synchronize your color choices for your home.  Repainting choices, furniture pieces to put, and other decisions that will add color to your home will then be centered at achieving your identified goals.

Match Your Color Palette to Your Purpose

Color preferences are personal, but some hues set generic moods. If you want to make a room look bigger, consider using cool colors of off-white, purple, blue, and green. While muted shades give a decluttered ambiance to a room, warm colors are more inviting and upbeat. However, there are ways to make spaces vibrant but still maintain a calm mood. California-based Interior designer Raquel Contreras of Studio 9, shared that repainting is an inexpensive way to perk up a room. She handpicked a few of Sherwin Williams’ paints that are more adaptive and flexible.  Look at how she suggested Tidewater (#6477), which is an elegant and soft aqua color. It achieved a glamorous look by complementing it with white furniture and mirrored accents. The added framed photos give it a personal touch, doesn’t it?


There are other more lively base colors for your wall repainting. However, if a prospective buyer for your home for sale is your primary consideration, going for neutral walls like white and gray is best.

Infuse Character Within Your Chosen Color Theme

Handpicked furniture pieces or timeless memorabilia create a beautiful focal point in any home space when infused tastefully. You might have noticed a porcelain vase accentuating a wooden table or an antique wall clock softening a patterned wall. If you like to infuse some vibrant colors, take, for example, the yellow flowers in the photo below, Sherwin Williams’ Grassland (#6163) can do the works. Look at how this shade emanates warmth and subtle energy as it blends with the bunch of yellow flowers on top of the white side cabinet. You see, paint color need not dominate your efforts in adding color to your home. Think of ways to perk up your home with furniture pieces, and remember to stick to one color theme. Instead of splashing different colors here and there, use different shades of a color. Put in furniture that follows your chosen color theme and communicates a character that is uniquely your home’s. 


Tasteful choice of colors for interior paint and furniture can be a visual feast of beauty while sparking pleasant ambiance in our homes. Adding color to your home can be the next best thing to do. Mixing and matching color hues and furniture pieces sounds exciting, right? But remember to begin with your purpose for adding color to your home, and creative ideas will follow suit. Tell us about your why’s and how’s for colorizing your home. At HOUZERZ, we are more than excited to exchange ideas and tips on how to achieve goals for your home.

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